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I don’t know what happened.


For several minutes, all Derek can hear over the phone is hysterical laughter. He waits until the guffaws become wheezing breaths before speaking.



derek’s birthday is on christmas

he’s one of those kids that always got a combined gift

or his birthday gifts were wrapped in christmas wrapping paper

instead of a birthday dinner they had christmas dinner and a cake at the end for derek

there was no special day for him





did anyone else think it was really weird and uncomfortable that kristoff had conversations with himself by impersonating his reindeer

Isn’t that what pets are for?

People who think this is weird probably don’t have pets.

^ Amen

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Me: If I ever get published, I'm going to write fanfiction for my own books

Me: And then reviewers will be like, "Omg that's totally out of canon."

Me: And I'll be like, "Bitch, I am the canon."

I wanted to put a reference to masturbation in one of the scripts for the Sandman. It was immediately cut by the editor. She told me, “There’s no masturbation in the DC Universe.” To which my reaction was, “Well that explains a lot about the DC Universe.”

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Let’s talk about these parallels for a moment. 

First off, can I just say how I absolutely love that season 3b opened with Stiles’ dream and closed with Derek’s dream? That’s pretty awesome. It’s like Stiles and Derek are the two pieces of bread that hold the entire sandwich (the season) together. The beginning and the end. Beautiful.

Anyways, in both of these scenes, we see both Stiles and Derek attempt to calm themselves down after experiencing what they both believe to be nightmares.

Stiles woke up out of his “nightmare” and landed himself in another dream, however, this one wasn’t as terrifying as the first.

As for Derek, it’s unknown whether he dreamt of Stiles, or if it was just Derek retreating to the safety of his subconscious after being shot by Kate. (theory about this). I personally believe the theory. It makes sense. 

Now, let’s talk about the best part. 

Derek dreams of Stiles and doesn’t realize that he’s in a dream. He actually thinks that he’s just having a casual and calm conversation with Stiles about something that genuinely terrified him. From this, we can assume that it felt normal to Derek. 

Derek stays under the illusion that he’s not dreaming even as he explains his entire “nightmare” to Stiles. Derek then asks Stiles how to tell if he’s dreaming or not, because the fact he can’t remember waking up has him worried. When Derek grabs Stiles’ hand and sees that he has 6 fingers, the illusion is broken. 

For Derek, being alone with Stiles was enough to keep Derek believing that he wasn’t dreaming. Stiles was enough to keep the illusion going. Derek didn’t stop and question, “Wait. Why am I even talking to you? This doesn’t make sense.” Because to Derek, it did make sense. 

With that said, let’s talk about Stiles dreaming about being with Lydia. 


When Stiles wakes up out of his “nightmare”, Lydia is right beside him. For a couple seconds, Stiles isn’t suspicious of this, but that quickly changes. Stiles stops and questions why Lydia is in his room with him. The illusion is broken here, and Stiles realizes that he’s dreaming. 

Dream!Lydia then goes out of her way to keep Stiles under the illusion, telling Stiles to come back to bed and forget about shutting the door. It doesn’t work. It’s too unrealistic. 

For Stiles, Lydia wasn’t enough to keep him under the illusion that he wasn’t still dreaming. Being alone with Lydia like that wasn’t believable. It was a dead giveaway. Lydia wasn’t enough. 

Exactly, what does this mean? 

It means that Stiles’ connection with Lydia is NOT as strong as the connection that Derek has with Stiles. 

Derek’s mind chose Stiles to calm him down when he was distressed over his “nightmare”, and it worked for quite some time. It worked up until something as obviously fake as having 6 fingers broke the illusion. 

Stiles’ mind chose Lydia to calm him down when he was distressed over his “nightmare”, but it only took one small double-take of the situation to break the illusion. 


I personally find Derek’s dream with Stiles to be really sweet. Not just because Stiles’ image was used to calm Derek down, but because it was so casual and believable to Derek. This makes me think that having conversations like that with Stiles is something that Derek wants to have in real life. It’s something he’s dreamt about more than once.

Usually when Derek interacts with Stiles, it comes with a lot of banter, disagreements, exaggerated sighs and eye-rolls. But I think we’re going to see conversations between Derek and Stiles that are more like this dream. 

Stiles has grown on Derek. He has grown on Derek so much, that Derek actually thinks of him as the first person to go to when he has something on his mind. Derek didn’t dream of Scott. Not Peter, not Laura, not Cora, not Talia, not any of his family members we haven’t met yet, not Erica, not Boyd, not Chris….Derek went to Stiles. 

So now i’m curious. Derek’s connection with Stiles is strong. Derek’s relationship and current standing with Stiles means something to Derek. So what about Stiles? How does Stiles feel about Derek? How strong is Stiles’ connection with Derek?


The one good thing about having large hands is when someone says “only take a handful” and you’re like


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To pull an all-nighter or to not pull an all-nighter.

That is the question.

It’s that time again.

don’t be a weenie and go to sleep. be a cool kid and just drink a lot of espresso to survive the rest of your day.


porn always ends up on your dash

it doesn’t matter if you only follow disney blogs

you will get porn on your dash